Since its inception, the Hispanic 100 has participated in public policy making, earning the respect of business and political leaders at the local, state, and national levels. The Hispanic 100 Policy Committee has had a strong voice within public policy. We are the voice of the U.S. Hispanic community that is respected and heard by industry, political, and corporate leaders alike.

Hispanic100 advocates for a business environment that strengthens our economy by focusing on the small to medium size business owner.

  • We opposed AB 880 that would have imposed hundreds of millions of new costs on California businesses and would have led to thousands of jobs being eliminated.
  • We opposed AB 667 that restricted certain businesses from building new or expanding existing stores that creates thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in revenue for local communities.
  • And we supported Poseidon Water desalination project that provided 50 million gallons per day of fresh drinking water from a new source–the ocean, and created more than 2,000 jobs.

Hispanic100 improves the education of our children to create more opportunities for those determined to succeed.

  • We supported Prop 49 the after school program
  • We have been proponents for the U.S. Immigration Bill. Along with U.S. Senator John McCain, Hispanic 100 hosted an immigration forum and are currently working with Congress and other political groups on the Immigration Bill.
  • We have created a leader-producing mentor program. Hispanic100 match successful mentors with ambitious young men and women.


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